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Closed Investments

Invest your money in the USA. Cardinal Realty Group has successfully completed these transactions, among others, with our international buyers.

All investments are Corporate or Franchisee guaranteed. Pure NNN Investment with No cost or “Hands On” Management required. Cardinal Realty Group can provide you with the Legal, Accounting, Immigration and Tax Professionals you will need to own Investment Real Estate in the USA.


Cardinal Realty Group has successfully closed on over $22 Million Dollars in sales with our Foreign Investors, below are some of our recent investment transactions.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Sales Price: $2,274,000
Cap Rate: 7.89%
Monthly Rent: $14,970
Building Size: 5,444 Square Feet
Sales Price: $1,550,000
Cap Rate: 8.25%
Monthly Rent: $10,656
Building Size: 3,572 Square Feet
U.S. Bank
Sales Price: $3,600,000
Cap Rate: 6.11%
Monthly Rent: $18,333
Building Size: 2,720 Square Feet
Sales Price: $1,680,000
Cap Rate: 7.59%
Monthly Rent: $10,625
Building Size: 3,400 Square Feet
Sales Price: $3,154,106
Cap Rate: 7.55%
Monthly Rent: $19,845
Building Size: 5,125 Square Feet
Jack In The Box
Sales Price: $2,050,000
Cap Rate: 9%
Monthly Rent: $15,375
Building Size: 2,376 Square Feet
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